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This is The Right Place

A state of the art, private, comprehensive detox center, providing a safe and comfortable environment to begin recovery from substance abuse. The Right Place offers both creature comforts and medicinal support, assuring a smooth detoxification. We keep you safe and comfortable – that’s our purpose and our policy. You can relax; you’re at The Right Place.

Our mission is to support recovering drug addicts and alcoholics as they progress through detoxification and into life-long recovery, utilizing medicinal and medical supervision, individual and group therapies, and assuring a safe, comfortable environment in which to reclaim their lives.

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Our Programs

Alcohol Detox

When it comes to alcohol detox rehab, medically supervised detoxification is a must for anyone actively drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Our goal is to to provide as much comfort as possible during this time.

Medically Monitored

Breaking the chemical addiction to drugs or alcohol is a critical step that lays the groundwork for lasting recovery. At The Right Place Detox, we emphasize proper medical attention in order to ensure comfort and safety.

Men’s Program

Patients often feel safest and most comfortable in gender-specific programs. This program involves a residential environment focused on male patients.

Women’s Program

Like the Men’s Program, the detox program for women allows patients to recover in a like-minded space. This encourages feelings of safety and freedom, which greatly improves the recovery process.

Our Residence

Our Services

One-on-One Therapy

Individual therapy plays a role in virtually every step of the recovery process. Patients can freely express themselves, share their fears, or explain more about their history. All this can lead to a successful approach to lasting recovery.


Detox is a time of cleansing for the body. While part of that means quitting the use of certain substances, it also means upping the intake of healthy ingredients. A detox diet can play a role in short-term comfort, the effectiveness of a detox and lasting health in the years to come.


During detox, the prime objective is breaking free from the physical bonds of addiction. However, adding in experiential therapy in the form of activity can be beneficial. And while a set schedule may not work for everyone, having the option may help patients during detox.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Policies

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