About The Right Place Detox

What makes this The Right Place to detox is our multi-dimensional outlook and our ability to individualize treatment and care. Our state-of-the-art facility is privately owned, and we work very hard to assure you the sort of personalized care not available at hospitals or larger institutions.

Several core beliefs inform and motivate our processes:

  1. We believe alcoholism and other forms of chemical dependency are treatable disorders.
  2. We believe that our clients are entitled to be treated with dignity, respect, individuality, confidentiality and retain the right to self-determination.
  3. We believe in a multidisciplinary, holistic, client-centered, staff team approach that represents the highest degree of professional ethical conduct in the provision of services.
  4. We believe in assisting our clients to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent relapse and to maintain an abstinence-based recovery with the use of social supports.
  5. We believe that treatment services are best provided through a comprehensive Continuum of Care.
  6. We believe in accountability for all aspects of our program operations through responsible management of resources and continuous quality improvement.

Our medical staff is headed by an M.D., a specialist in the treatment of addiction with many years experience. Licensed nurses work in shifts around the clock so that a medical professional is always on the premises. Our dedicated support staff offers personal compassion coupled with professional care. We have close working relationships with a number of treatment centers and eagerly maintain communication with those centers whose clients begin their recovery with detoxification at The Right Place, Call 866.313.8817.