Our mission is to support recovering drug addicts and alcoholicsOur mission is to support recovering drug addicts and alcoholics as they progress through detoxification and into life-long recovery, utilizing medicinal and medical supervision, individual and group therapies, and assuring a safe, comfortable environment in which to reclaim their lives.

We believe every client deserves to be treated as an individual with respect and dignity. Therefore, upon intake we initiate a comprehensive assessment to determine what sort of help, both personal and medicinal, a client might need and tailor a protocol suitable for that client.

We are privately owned, homey and personable, and work to assure personalized care not available at hospitals or larger institutions. No hospital gowns—our clients dress in their own comfortable clothes, join group activities, or rest and watch tv in their rooms or in living room settings.

We strive to ensure your physical comfort as well as your emotional tranquility. Our chef prepares all meals to please yet with an awareness of the special needs of our residents and the particular demands of their bodies during detox. Our physicians and medical staff assure healthy, safe medicinal support and monitoring, and a range of therapies that work to encourage both a successful detoxification and a commitment to recovery.

You can relax; You’ve found The Right Place.