Hopeful young woman in garden looking forward to a detox program to help her get sober.The Right Place offers a structured, therapeutic environment along with a closely monitored medicinal detox program. Upon arrival, clients are interviewed for the initial intake to determine medical and personal therapy. Our medical doctor prescribes appropriate medicinal assistance based upon regular blood tests and medical diagnosis, keeping our clients comfortable during the detox program.

Individual counseling is available as well as a range of regularly scheduled group therapy sessions, including didactic groups and art and play therapy. Speakers from Twelve Step fellowships make frequent visits and are available to talk with interested clients; meetings are offered within the facility as well. Given client consent, we consult with their personal therapists or medical professionals, with or without a 12 Step bent, and offer medicinally-assisted detoxification. For those seeking greater physical comfort, massage therapy and acupuncture are available. We work with most insurance companies and several long- and short-term treatment centers, and assist clients with selecting post-detoxification treatment or developing support systems to aid in their recovery.

As clients complete the detox program, The Right Place staff assists in discharge planning. Clients and staff work together to form a support system and address life-skill concerns to assure continued recovery.

Why A Detox Program? Will it help?

Medical detoxification, or more commonly known as “detox,” is the process of cleansing the body of all traces of alcohol and drugs. Without medical assistance, the withdrawal period accompanying this first phase of recovery is extremely difficult, painful and unpleasant. In some cases, unsupervised withdrawal can become dangerous and have dire consequences for the individual trying to detox from alcohol and/or drug detox.

Unfocused young man in red shirt wondering if a detox program can help his addiction.Because withdrawal symptoms are so tough, they can present an insurmountable obstacle. Though an addicted individual may have a great desire to stop, he/she often chooses to keep using in order to avoid the pain and discomfort known as abstinence syndrome. The Right Place Detox assists its patients in getting through this initial phase of recovery safely and comfortably. There is no need to try quitting “cold turkey” and risking all kinds of unpleasant results and probable failure.

At The Right Place Detox, we use medication to taper our patients off of their substance(s) of choice without the intense pain and cravings that occur with stopping suddenly. Medication is used until any physical trace of the substance disappears from the body. This is the medical component and first stage of a recovery program.

After a Detox Program

In our experience, however, completing only this part of a recovery program is far from enough. Though the individual’s body is drug-free, the brain has not had a chance to adapt to the new status quo. Getting clean in detox does not guarantee that the individual will stay clean unless they stay on the road to recovery, dealing with the issues and conditions that made them use substances to cope with life in the first place.

The Right Place Detox maintains relationships with several high-quality treatment centers in South Florida and beyond. We strive to match the patient’s needs and interests with the right facility that will keep them engaged and committed to a healthy drug-free lifestyle for years to come.

We at The Right Place Detox love what we do and believe it is a privilege to support our patients. For seven days you are putting your life in our hands, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We believe that together we can make the next phase of your life start here; a life that offers happiness, joy and freedom. The road may seem very steep, but with the right assistance, it is doable and even enjoyable, Call 866.313.8817.