Amphetamine and Adderall detox are similar.Did you know that physicians might use amphetamines to treat ADHD, ADD, and narcolepsy? In an off-label capacity, some also prescribe these products for weight loss. Patients often don’t realize that they use a substance that carries a risk of addiction until they try to quit using it. Case in point is the need for an Adderall detox.

How Does Adderall Affect the Body?

On college campuses, young adults refer to the medication as the “smart drug.” It has the power to stimulate the central nervous system, which leads to a boost in alertness. For some, the drug offers them the opportunity to stay up late and study. Because children as young as elementary school age use the medication, most people think it’s safe.

As a result, patients discuss taking the prescription even if they don’t need it for its stated purposes. For example, a mother may take a child’s Adderall for weight loss. A college student may double up on a dose to stay awake. People with jobs involving overnight driving also risk an addiction to the substance that then requires an Adderall detox.

The Unseen Side of an Amphetamine Addiction

Recovering users of the substance explain that the connection between amphetamines and Adderall was not enough to make them quit. They report that using the drug resulted in feelings of overall well-being and an ability to deal with life. The confidence to do so didn’t exist without the amphetamine in their systems.

Amphetamines stimulate the brain, which results in the secretion of adrenaline. The body builds up a tolerance to Adderall and other amphetamine-related drugs. Increasing the dose is necessary to achieve the desired results. Going beyond the initial adrenaline high and taking it further is only possible with ever increasing dosages.

The same goes for the substance’s ability to heighten endorphin releases. Stimulant medications do so to balance the effects of adrenaline. The combination of the two quickly results in the sense of mild euphoria that heightens when users overdo the dosage. Over time, the brain requires the influx of the amphetamine to release these chemicals into the body.

However, there is a physical and psychological price to pay. We frequently welcome patients to our Adderall detox program who suffer from ulcers and insomnia. Some developed anxiety and psychosis during their uncontrolled use of amphetamines. Our therapists factor in these possibilities when adding patients to our amphetamine and Adderall detox service.

What Does an Adderall Detox Look Like?

The goal of detox is to shed the amphetamine from the body. As this process continues, the body reestablishes its equilibrium. The brain, which used to rely on the regular ingestion of chemicals for endorphin and adrenaline release, regulates itself again. But this process isn’t easy on the body or the mind of the patient.

Some try to detox at home without the medical supervision that a high-quality facility brings to the experience. Doing so is not only likely to result in failure and almost immediate relapse, but it could potentially lead to life-threatening complications. Since amphetamines directly affect the heart muscle, the decision to start using after brief sobriety could result in cardiac arrest.

In a medically supervised setting, undergoing Adderall detox is much safer. Medical professionals and therapists work with patients to anticipate problems and prevent them whenever possible.

Examples of medically supervised detox care might include:

  • An emphasis on nutritious meals, relaxation with the help of a massage therapist, and rest
  • Individual counseling to talk through the plan for long-term sobriety and prevent a relapse
  • Frequent testing for the development of psychological withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, psychosis, or severe depression
  • Medicinal support to prevent heart arrhythmias, blood pressure spikes, and seizures
  • Access to group therapy, an introduction to the 12 Steps, and assistance to transition into rehab after concluding withdrawal

Undergoing amphetamine and Adderall detox at The Right Place Detox can be your first step on the road to recovery. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call (866) 313-8817.