This woman is smiling as alcohol detox has cleared her mind.When it comes to alcohol detox rehab, medically-supervised detoxification is a must for anyone actively drinking alcohol on a daily basis. Alcohol dependence or addiction is a dangerous substance to detoxify from. Psychological issues, as well as physical issues, play a significant role in the detoxification process. Alcohol is the most dangerous of all substances to withdraw from. Medical detox is highly recommended.

Alcohol Abuse is Epidemic

According to the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Florida served 7,996 individuals for alcohol dependence as a primary substance. Another 5,807 individuals were treated for alcohol abuse as a secondary drug of choice in the year 2008. Florida detox programs for alcohol addiction are essential for individuals seeking release from alcohol. Treatment protocol for alcohol rehab requires an individual to be medically cleared for alcohol rehab prior to admission. Florida treatment programs and the Department of Children and Families services, the state’s oversight agency, recognize the importance of safe treatment. Therefore, medical clearance to rehab is a must.

Alcohol Detox

Detoxification from alcohol dependence is an abrupt stop of alcohol consumption. Quitting, coupled with a substitution of cross-tolerant medications, such as benzodiazepines, is the best protocol for safe alcohol detox. These drugs prevent the more difficult alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal can weigh heavy on the body resulting in alcoholic seizures, delirium tremens, hallucinations, and other unpleasant physical and mental problems. Your life is on the line when you go through alcohol withdrawal on your own. At The Right Place Detox, we understand the danger and the seriousness of alcohol addiction. Our alcohol and drug detox programs will keep you safe while we work with you to plan specific treatment goals. We will help get you sober and keep you that way.

When seeking alcoholism treatment, always talk to your doctor first for a medical evaluation if you are considering not including alcohol detox in your treatment regimen. It is better to be safe than sorry, Call 866.313.8817.