Two men on a couch knowing they are in good hands with a detox for men.For a number of reasons, men and women may want to be separated during detox. To accommodate that, The Right Place Detox offers detox for men. Explore the benefits of this program and how it can better meet the needs of patients in detox.

Remove Romantic Relationships

During addiction treatment, new romantic relationships are typically discouraged. Patients undergo a lot of changes during this time, and adding in romance can sometimes detract from treatment. One of the simplest and most obvious ways to reduce the chance of romantic entanglement is to separate the sexes with a detox for men only.

In a men’s only detox program, the environment is focused on male patients. While there may be women elsewhere in the facility, the residential areas are designated for men. Although this is a simple change, it can make a big difference.

To start, men and women aren’t spending time in enclosed, private spaces. In addition, men may feel more relaxed and comfortable in a residential area free from female patients. There may be less of a focus on looks or attraction, and men can feel free to socialize without judgment or temptation.

Focus on the Needs of Male Patients in Detox for Men

A detox for men will have the same ultimate goal of a detox for women. Ultimately, both men and women in detox need to end their dependence on addictive substances. However, male patients often have different needs. To accommodate this, a detox for men might be best.

One of the ways that men differ from women in treatment is in counseling. Some of what men want to discuss is inappropriate or unhelpful for women. However, speaking freely is key in group therapy. That’s one reason that men’s only programs often work best for male patients.

Men may be tempted to relapse based on similar cravings. They also tend to gravitate toward specific coping mechanisms. In a detox for men, male patients can focus on the therapies and techniques that are most successful for them.

Create a Safe Space for Both Genders

Safety is a priority during a medical detox. That safety encompasses all areas of life and wellbeing. Often, men and women feel safest and most comfortable in gender-specific programs.

Men can feel safe to express their feelings and their vulnerability in a like-minded space. Women, on the other hand, may feel safer without men in the immediate vicinity. By keeping both groups separate, all patients can enjoy a safer, more relaxed detox atmosphere.

Providing a Detox Environment Men Prefer

During a detox, even small details can make a difference. Everything from the food prepared to the colors of the decor may improve the experience. While personal tastes vary, a detox for men can focus on the general preferences of male patients.

In some cases, this might be reflected in the cuisine. It could also play a role in determining the schedule or the types of facilities and amenities available to patients.

Retain the Quality Structure All Genders Will Appreciate

Of course, the main tenets of quality addiction treatment remain the same whether they are for men or for women. All patients, regardless of gender, will thrive in an environment focused on comprehensive recovery. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

Recovering from addiction is a unique challenge for each and every patient. However, a detox for men may allow for a more personal approach. At The Right Place Detox in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, successful recovery is the goal for male and female patients. Call (866) 313-8817 to learn more about available men’s detox program and addiction treatment.