People of all genders, ethnicities, and ages need detox in order to break free from addiction. Often, a detox for women can be the best way for female patients to get help. Explore some of the key benefits that a women’s program for detox can offer.

Detox for Women May Feel Safer

Two women enjoying a chat in recovery detox for women.Unfortunately, many women struggling with addiction have also been victims of abuse or assault. During the sensitive and sometimes stressful period of detox, it can be challenging to stay in an environment with men. By creating a space where only women can reside, female patients may feel safer.

It is not uncommon during detox for some female patients to struggle with mental health conditions like depression, paranoia or anxiety. Having men around may exacerbate these conditions. While mental health issues need to be addressed during treatment, it might be easier to avoid them during the detox period. Safety and comfort are key during the initial stages of addiction treatment.

Women’s Only Programs Allow for Personal and Honest Sharing

A significant part of recovery involves sharing past experiences and being honest about triggers. However, being honest and open about all aspects of life can be tough in a mixed setting. A detox for women may mean that the environment is safer for women to be vulnerable and speak their minds without male interference.

This is especially true when women need to express anger against a male in their life. Or, they may want to share their fear of certain men in the past. When there are no men present, women can be more honest about their personal fears, experiences, and concerns for the future.

At The Right Place Detox, counseling is a big part of the recovery process. A few of the methods employed include the following:

Separating Sexes May Reduce the Chance of Sexual Relationships in Recovery

In virtually all addiction treatment programs, new romantic relationships are discouraged. During this time of change, adding in major disruptions of new male relationships can be a problem. When men and women live together in detox, however, it can be tough to avoid romantic or sexual entanglements.

That’s one reason why a detox for women is a good idea. By taking the other sex out of the equation, it will be easier for all patients to focus completely on their addiction treatment and lasting recovery.

Curriculum Can Focus on Key Issues for Women

While the key concepts of detox are the same for men and women, a detox for women can focus on specific issues relevant to women. For instance, domestic abuse is a major concern for some patients. However, including this topic in a coed session might not be effective for either men or women.

In addition, a detox program exclusively for women can cater to the preferences of female patients. That might mean culinary choices for women, a design aesthetic more appealing to women or amenities that female patients prefer.

Detox for Women Follows the Same Plan as any Other Quality Detox Program

The ultimate goal of detox is to end the physical dependence on an addictive substance. Men and women need an evidence-based plan to achieve that objective. Patients of both sexes need a plan that includes medical monitoring around the clock as well as counseling options.

Patients also need a plan for discharge. The right planning can reduce the chance of relapse and increase the chance of ongoing recovery and lasting sobriety.

Detox for women is available at The Right Place Detox in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With the right detox program, you can begin your personal journey to a lifetime of health and happiness. Learn more about our women’s detox program by calling 866-313-8817.