Treating addiction, no matter what variety, has to include a detox. This critical step breaks the dependence on addictive substances and lays the groundwork for lasting recovery. Explore why a medical detox is the only truly safe way to begin treatment.

Medical Professionals Around the Clock

Doctor and patient at computer discussing medical detox.For most addicts and alcoholics coming into recovery, professionally-assisted detox program is a must. The fact is that “going it alone” or “going cold turkey” can be more than just unpleasant; it’s often dangerous. Unassisted detox often leads to seizures, brain damage, and even death. Even when such extremes are avoided, the stress and discomfort of withdrawal can be so great that most return to substance abuse before completing detoxification. At The Right Place, we maintain 24/7 medical supervision to keep you safe and have designed a body specific medicinal withdrawal protocol to keep you comfortable, assuring complete detoxification. Upon completion of detox at The Right Place, our clients are entirely separated from chemical addiction. They are ready to move forward in recovery without physical symptoms.

At The Right Place Detox, there is an emphasis on proper medical attention. The medical team includes an MD and licensed nurses on staff 24/7. This means that professionals are always on hand to address any symptoms or changes. High-risk patients, as well as all our clients, benefit from our medical detox.

While many patients complete alcohol and or drug detox with only minor discomfort, there is the potential for more serious symptoms. It is vital in these cases that medical attention is available quickly. This can prevent worsening symptoms and make the experience more pleasant for all patients receiving treatment.

Medical Detox Begins With a Thorough Intake Assessment

A thorough, high-quality medical detox will begin with an intake assessment. This is a physical examination that determines the health and risk levels of an incoming patient. This initial intake is one of the things that separates a standard detox from a medically monitored detox.

In some ways, this intake will be similar to a regular physical at the doctor’s office. It could include blood tests, among other basic tests. However, there is also an emphasis on addiction habits and family history. This allows for an accurate portrayal of a patient’s drug use and mental health.

The information gathered in the intake can be extremely helpful throughout the detox. Doctors may know that certain patients are at risk for heart conditions, for example, if their pulse or blood pressure is abnormally high. If certain conditions run in the family, then medical professionals can be extra alert to related symptoms. In short, the intake allows for better medical care and more targeted treatment for patients.

Pharmacological Treatment Ensures Comfort and Safety

Some drug and alcohol detox facilities avoid all pharmacological assistance. While this might be a well-intention plan, many patients require medication during detox and beyond. It is only in a medical detox with physicians on hand that prescription medications can be safely administered.

There are many reasons why pharmacological treatment is necessary. For some patients with severe mental illness, medications can be a great stabilizer. By addressing conditions like anxiety and depression, patients can focus on getting clean and sober.

In other cases, extreme discomfort might prevent patients from completing detox. The careful use of certain medications minimizes any pain or discomfort experienced by our clients. Synthetic drugs often help patients taper off certain addictive substances.

While pharmacological treatment can play a role, other holistic options can also help. These may include:

Discharge Planning That Prepares Patients for the Future

In a medically monitored detox, the risks of relapse are well known. Because of that high risk of relapse, patients at The Right Place participate in discharge planning and are ready for triggers and temptations when they appear. Discharge planning is a priority. This allows for a support system and sets the tone for lasting recovery.

Medical detox is a necessary element on the road to sobriety. At The Right Place Detox in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, medical detox is the basis of treatment. Call 866-313-8817 to learn more about safe, medically monitored detox for addiction treatment.