Unlike stimulant drugs that physicians prescribe as legal amphetamines to treat ADHD, ADD and narcolepsy, methamphetamine is without medicinal value. People know it on the street as meth, speed, crystal, or ice. They smoke it, inject it, snort it, or swallow it. When they’re ready to stop using, these folks undergo a meth detox.

What Does Meth Do to the Human Body?

Crystal meth definitely requires a meth detox for recovery.Underground manufacturers cook meth from amphetamines and other dubious chemicals. The drug affects the brain and tricks it into releasing significant amounts of adrenaline and endorphins. While legal amphetamines give the user limited access to these stimulants, meth has much more potency. For this reason, it causes an addiction to form rapidly rather than over time.

When patients sign up for our meth detox program, they report that they initially liked the boost to their alertness. Suddenly, they had energy when before they felt tired all the time. There were feelings of euphoria and intense pleasure. Some report feeling as if they had superhuman strength and endurance.

However, there’s a steep price to pay for these so-called benefits. Meth, and other drugs that fall into the stimulant category, affect the heart muscle. They can cause rapid and irregular heartbeats. Blood pressure can spike. For some, there’s the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Psychological problems include the development or worsening of mental disorders. Patients recall becoming suspicious of those around them or isolating themselves out of fear. Some experience memory loss. The most infamous effect of the drug is “meth mouth,” which refers to rapidly developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Mechanism of a Methamphetamine Addiction

Because legal amphetamines must meet manufacturer and government guidelines, there’s strict control over their additives. In meth making, there’s no oversight. Each batch can have a different potency. Sadly, some users have died. They bought and ingested a drug at a potency that was much higher than they expected.

Users continue the habit in spite of this danger. They also accept the fact that some dealers cut the drug with other – potentially toxic – substances to bolster profits. The problem here is the speed with which meth causes addiction. Some note that it took only two doses for them to form an addiction that resulted in the need for meth detox.

The drug rewires the brain’s ability to release endorphins and adrenaline so it depends on chemical stimuli. Unless the user ingests meth, the brain does not release endorphins and adrenaline at regular intervals. This results in excessive fatigue and severe depression. The only cure, in the mind of the person struggling with an addiction, is the next dose.

Meth Detox Assists the Body with Attaining Equilibrium

The goal of meth detox is the body’s renewed ability to regulate its release of these chemicals without interference. Undoing the damage of methamphetamines isn’t something you can safely do at home. Since these drugs damage neurotransmitters and actively interfere with brain functions, the risk for psychological withdrawal symptoms rises. In a medically supervised setting, there are therapeutic interventions that protect the patient’s mind and body.

When you first start meth detox, the intake counselor will ask about the last time you took a dose. This professional will also ask about the average quantity of the product you use and how you typically administer it. Patients sometimes mix different drugs. That’s why the counselor will also inquire about the use of other medications, alcohol, street drugs, or over the counter products.

At a medically supervised program, you receive not just medicinal support but other treatments such as:

  • Access to scheduled group therapy sessions
  • An opportunity to participate in art or play therapy
  • Individual counseling to talk through your plans for sobriety after detox
  • Assistance with the selection of an inpatient or outpatient rehab facility that builds on the detox process
  • Massage therapy and acupuncture to enhance wellness and physical comfort

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