Taking lots of Oxycontin pills like these may require an Oxycontin detox.Some patients undergoing OxyContin detox never knew that oxycodone, the active ingredient, is an opioid. Doctors prescribing the medication either didn’t disclose it or mentioned it in passing without further information. When people realized that they were struggling with an addiction, it was already too late just to taper off their use. They needed additional help.

Why is Painkiller Addiction Becoming So Common?

A report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that the United States houses 81 percent of the world’s oxycodone users. Within a short 23 years, prescriptions for opioid painkillers like oxycodone-containing OxyContin increased from 76 million to 207 million. When talking to people recovering from heroin addiction, many cited that they initially experienced an addiction to opioid painkillers. But because the pills cost more than heroin, they made the switch.

It’s fair to say that oxycodone and its brand name medication product could be a gateway drug for heroin. If you are recognizing that you or a loved one grapple with an addiction, seeking out OxyContin detox now can save your life. It can also prevent you from forming another addiction to heroin. Take the first step towards recovery now.

Why DIY OxyContin Detox Typically Doesn’t Work

Prescriptions to the painkiller should help patients manage moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone achieves this result by interacting with the body’s opioid receptors. Researchers tell us that these proteins are in the brain, along the spinal cord, and in the GI tract. The substance interacts with the receptors and tricks them into communicating a sense of wellbeing to the brain.

By interrupting pain communication, you feel better all the way around. However, your body builds up a tolerance over time. So, to achieve the same feelings of wellbeing and pain reduction, you increase the dose. While you keep pain responses at bay, oxycodone also does something else: it rewrites your natural ability to release endorphins.

These substances typically help you overcome minor pain responses and act as positive reinforcement for certain activities. When oxycodone impairs your body’s ability to create endorphins, you become dependent on the drug to trigger their release. Trying OxyContin detox at home, therefore, exposes you to the full gamut of bothersome and painful withdrawal symptoms. They wreak havoc with your sense of wellbeing and your systemic response of endorphin release.

What Does Medically Supervised OxyContin Detox Look Like?

Because medical professionals understand the ways that oxycodone affects the body, they gear therapeutic intervention to meet your needs. Depending on the dose that you took, you may not feel withdrawal symptoms until six to 12 hours later. This period allows staff to get baseline readings, chart heart rate and blood pressure, and ensure that your vitals remain steady. Once the dose wears off, you may start to feel gastrointestinal upset.

Depending on the severity of the experience, you may need medical intervention to protect your health. Muscle cramps, depression, intense cravings for the drug, and insomnia happen next. Blood pressure may spike, which results in panic attacks. Medical interventions prevent the full extent of this from occurring. A medical OxyContin detox protects your health and ensures that discomfort doesn’t entice you to start using again.

But there’s more to detox at a facility than meets the eye. You receive real-world, hands-on assistance such as:

  • Nutritional counseling to help you focus on building a healthy lifestyle after detox
  • Optional activities that help you build peer support with others undergoing treatment
  • Physical comfort treatments that include acupuncture and massage therapy
  • Introduction to 12 Step support groups for patients who want to learn more about a spiritual component of recovery
  • Referral to high-quality rehab facilities to continue breaking the chains of addiction

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