It’s easy to form an addiction to prescribed medications. They’re not difficult to get. Insurance companies often pay for them. They meet a real need. However, when you go past the required dosage or recommended time, your body can develop a dependence. Prescription drug detox is the safest method for undoing this addiction process.

Problems Patients Face with an Addiction to Prescription Medications

Many prescription pill bottles indicate a need for prescription drug detox.Prior to seeking out help via prescription drug detox, patients received a prescription for a painkiller, sedative, or stimulant. They liked the effects of the medication so much that they continued using it after the initial reason for doing so passed. Over time, the body built up a tolerance to the drug and people increased the dosage. But the medication did more than giving them a high–it changed their body chemistry.

In the cases of opioid prescription painkillers, they most likely influenced the body’s ability to form its own dopamine. Stimulant medications acted on the brain chemistry and made the reward center incapable of functioning properly without added chemicals. Because it’s impossible to tell when this process takes place, patients do not notice the addiction taking hold. When they try to stop, they realize that they cannot do so without physical withdrawal symptoms.

Other Instances of Medication Abuse

In some situations, people with a predisposition to addictive behaviors seek out drugs in a more illicit fashion. They might shop for doctors, falsify scripts, or claim to replace missing scripts. Some steal medications from friends or mix them with other prescriptions and alcohol. In these situations, a prescription drug detox can take on the form of a multi-drug withdrawal.

Medically Supervised Prescription Drug Detox is Safe and Effective

Everyone’s withdrawal process differs. Are you a patient whose dependence on opioid painkillers spiraled out of control and turned into an addiction? Your experience of a prescription drug detox will vary tremendously from the one someone experiences who mixed various pills. Someone who has a pill addiction and a secondary dependence on another substance will have an entirely different experience.

Moreover, withdrawal symptoms vary significantly based on the substance you’re eliminating from your use. For example, an opioid prescription drug detox encompasses dealing with potential anxiety, agitation, and muscle pain. Patients who are dealing with an addiction to stimulants present with depression, tremors, and suicidal thoughts. For drugs that depress the central nervous system, withdrawal may include a risk for seizures.

When undergoing detox in an environment with medical supervision, therapists protect your physical health. They also see to your well-being. The old television shows depicting people in pain and suffering during withdrawal are highly inaccurate for modern-day America. Although detox isn’t a fun experience, it doesn’t have to be painful, either.

Withdrawing from Prescription Drugs in a High-Quality Facility

In addition to the medical supervision of the process, prescription drug detox opens the door to new experiences. During the intake interview, a therapist determines a personal withdrawal protocol that fits your needs.

From that time on, you undergo a specialized treatment regimen that includes:

  • Regular blood tests to ensure physical well-being and to create a baseline for medicinal support
  • Individual counseling that supports your decision to withdraw from prescription drugs
  • Consultation with your personal physician if you would like medical professionals or therapists to do so
  • Availability of group sessions to take your first steps on the road to recovery
  • Access to the services of a massage therapist and acupuncture expert
  • Transition assistance to a rehab facility that provides inpatient or outpatient treatment for people with substance abuse problems

The Right Place Detox provides you the opportunity to experience the comfort of a medically supervised prescription withdrawal today.