While all detox programs have the same objectives, not all detox programs are created equally. The best facilities will offer a range of detox services to ensure that patients get quality care and lasting results. Take a closer look at the range of detox services offered at The Right Place Detox.

Initial Intake

An intake interview will explain all the detox services offered at The Right Place.One of the most important detox services is the initial intake. This is an assessment that allows medical professionals to learn a little more about each incoming patient.

Since no two patients are the same, no two detox experiences will be identical. An intake assessment is a way to determine what kind of special attention a patient might need.

To learn more about patients, the intake starts with a medical evaluation. This is similar to a standard physical you might have at your doctor’s office. Then, patients are asked about their family and medical history. The intake also focuses on addiction history, which will help prepare patients for the upcoming detox.

During the intake, some patients will receive a medical diagnosis beyond addiction. Whether this is a related health issue or a mental health concern, the diagnosis may need addiction treatment or other medications. Getting this information correct at the beginning of recovery can be truly helpful.

24/7 Medical Monitoring

Whether you are in detox for alcohol, drugs or prescription medication addiction, withdrawal can bring about a range of symptoms. While some symptoms are mild, others can be severe. That’s why it is critical for any detox program to offer around the clock medical monitoring.

At The Right Place Detox, there are medical professionals on staff 24/7. Headed by an M.D., the team is trained to look for warning signs and handle emergency treatment when necessary.

Sometimes, medical monitoring focuses less on severe symptoms and more on increasing the comfort of patients. By battling dehydration, offering prescription medications and recommending treatment methods, staff at our detox center can be a big help. Best of all, patients and their loved ones will feel safe and have peace of mind about detox.

Detox Services Include Counseling

While many key detox services include medical care, others are focused on the overall road to recovery. To get it started, counseling may be a part of the program. Both individual therapy and group counseling can be instrumental during detox.

The 12 step program has also been successful for many patients. By including it in detox, patients can get familiar with the program. This may be helpful after detox has ended and patients are ready for the next step.

Activities Available During Detox

At The Right Place Detox, patients aren’t forced into set activities. Detox and recovery is the focus, and individuals are free to pick and choose the extra activities they want to join in on.

Art and play therapy can be one way to express yourself in a new way. Fun activities, such as karaoke, can bring joy to a tough time. Nutritional advice from a chef can prepare patients for ongoing optimal health.

Discharge Planning

Even if a detox is the best in the world, it will need to help patients plan for what comes next. Discharge planning is vital because it sets the tone for the future.

Part of discharge planning involves creating a support system. This way, patients have friends, peers and mentors to rely on. Creating coping mechanisms, understanding the risk of relapse and choosing ongoing treatment is all key as detox draws to a close.

A full range of detox services is one of the things that sets The Right Place Detox apart from other programs. Call (866) 313-8817 to learn more about The Right Place Detox in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and how detox could change your life for the better.